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  • Aroma Stretch

  • Gentle Stretch

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Relaxing & Deep Stretch

  • Soft Flow

  • Wheel Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

Arm Balance & Inversion

The class focuses on breaking down the fundamentals of arm balance and inversion, making it fun and more accessible. Class starts with warm ups, and gradually transition into challenging balancing and inverted poses.



Aroma Stretch

Aroma Stretch is a combination of Stretch Exercise and Aromatherapy. It is the ideal relief for your body and mind. Suitable for beginners.



Back Care

Back Care helps with postural induced back and shoulder pain. A combination of twisting and stretching with forward folds will be done to alleviate stiffness of the back and shoulder, as well as to decompress and lengthen the spine. The class will also introduce strengthening exercises for the core muscles that support the spine and correct postures. Suitable for all levels.



Candlelight Stretch

The class focuses on easing and stretching the body through gentle poses and breath. The room will be lit by candlelight for a calm and relaxing environment. Suitable for all levels.



Core & Arms

A class that places focus on flowing sequences that move through set poses in a dynamic, athletic way. Emphasis will be placed on strengthening the arms and core. Inversion may be included in this class.



Detox Yoga

A sweaty and dynamic flow incorporating twists and circular motions, to stimulate the digestive, immune and lymphatic systems. Suitable for beginners.



Evening Flow

Moderate flow of yoga honoring individuals' energetic levels at the end of the day. Class will be followed by longer savasana  for quiet stillness & to wind down to a deeper state of relaxation as you prepare for your evening. Suitable for beginners.



Gentle Stretch

Gentle Stretch focuses on opening the body through gentle stretching poses. The class is suitable for anyone looking to stretch their body with moderate physical level. Suitable for beginners.



Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga concentrates on the practice of postures (asanas) and breath control (pranayama). The class focuses on increasing body stability and awareness. Suitable for beginners.



Lunchtime Yoga

A shorter yoga class that aims to recharge the body and reset the mind for the busy afternoon ahead. Suitable for beginners.



Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a vigorous strength building practice that strengthens the muscles, bones and joints, improves posture and balance. It speeds up the heart rate and is beneficial in promoting weight loss.



Relaxing & Deep Stretch

This class is a full body relaxation that aims to stretch all major muscles and connective tissues, which releases tightness in the body and improve flexibility. Suitable for beginners.



Soft Flow

A gentle flowing practice that connects movement and breath. Suitable for beginners.



Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is an energetic and  dynamic style of Hatha Yoga which connects postures with inhalation and exhalation, the practice creates a steady internal rhythm of the body. Expect to sweat! Suitable for beginners.



Wheel Yoga

Wheel Yoga uses a combination of props such as the yoga wheel, straps and blocks. It is designed to release tension in tight areas such as the chest, shoulders and hip flexors, especially beneficial for the ones who spend hours in front of the desk. It helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles supporting the spine and enhance balance of the body. Suitable for beginners.



Yin Yang

Yin Yang blends strengthening and relaxing elements into one practice, bringing together the benefit of active movement and passive holding postures. Suitable for beginners.



Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a healing and meditative practice that focuses on realigning and stretching the connective tissues of the body. This class includes longer and deeper stretches with the rhythm of the breath and the cultivation of mindfulness. Suitable for beginners.



Yoga for Beginners

The class focuses on introducing the basic strengthening and stretching postures/asanas in yoga, each pose will be explained in details and class will be taught at a relatively slower pace, to prepare complete beginners to progress into other regular classes. Suitable for beginners.


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